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Medical Science Professionals reach tentative agreement

8 / 28 / 2015

The Medical Science Professionals bargaining team has reached a tentative deal with the provincial government on a new collective agreement.The deal was reached in the early morning hours Friday, Aug. 28 after several days of negotiations."The bargaining process can be long and tiring, so I want to commend everyone at the table for their hard work and dedication," said New Brunswick Union President Susie Proulx-Daigle. "Now it's time for the membership, as a whole, to have their say on the...

Three more groups vote in favour of ratifying contracts

8 / 26 / 2015

Three groups represented by the New Brunswick Union (NBU) voted to ratify tentative deals for new collective agreements with the government of New Brunswick. The groups include Education Part I (Non-Instructional), NBCC Education (Consultation and Development) and CCNB Éducation (consultation et élaboration). The trio concluded the voting process on Aug. 25.  The ratified agreement is for five years and three months and runs from May 1st, 2012 through July 31, 2017. In addition to the three components listed above, the other groups...

A fourth group votes in favour of ratifying its contract

8 / 25 / 2015

A fourth group represented by the New Brunswick Union (NBU) has voted to ratify a tentative agreement reached with the government of New Brunswick on a new collective agreement.The Professional Services for Students in the Public School System (PSPS) bargaining group - which concluded its voting process on Aug. 24 - voted in favour of the deal. The ratified agreement is for five years and three months and runs from April 1st, 2013 through June 30, 2018.In addition to the...

Unions part of the solution, not the problem

8 / 12 / 2015

Facts are the most important part of any news story. It's the foundation upon which sound journalism is built. New Brunswick's journalists - whether they work in print, radio, television or online - do a great job of basing their reporting on facts.However, sometimes facts get lost when editorials are written.Editorials are opinions written to reflect the position of a newspaper's editorial board. To be truly well-informed and persuasive, they too must be based on facts.The Aug. 6, 2015 Telegraph-Journal...

Resource Service contract officially signed

8 / 4 / 2015

The new collective agreement between the Resource Service bargaining group and the province of New Brunswick was made official during a signing ceremony held today.Members of the bargaining team along with New Brunswick Union (NBU) President Susie Proulx-Daigle, NBU legal counsel and chief negotiator Leigh Sprague, Human Resources Minister Denis Landry and Public Safety Minister Stephen Horsman took part in the ceremony at Chancery Place in Fredericton.With the official signing, the terms and conditions agreed to in the document come...

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