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NBU backs idea of highway tolls

Jan 23rd, 2015

The provincial government recently announced it will undertake a strategic review. The goal is to find - through cuts and revenue generation - $400 million to help the province deal with its difficult economic situation.Both Premier Brian Gallant and Health Minister Victor Boudreau, who is heading up the review, are asking for input from New Brunswickers. Gallant has also said "everything is on the table," in terms of ideas.This has prompted some talk about putting tolls on provincial highways. While...

NBU President applauds Supreme Court decision

Jan 22nd, 2015

The New Brunswick Union (NBU) and its president, Susie Proulx-Daigle, applaud the recent Supreme Court of Canada decision regarding the rights of Canadian workers.The court ruled on a challenge from the Mounted Police Associations of Ontario and British Columbia against the Public Service Labour Relations Act and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Act. Essentially, RCMP officers were fighting for their right to join a union.In a six-to-one decision delivered on Jan. 16, the Supreme Court ruled the right to freedom...

People make the difference in New Brunswick

Jan 8th, 2015

Spending millions on infrastructure is part of the provincial government's plan to improve New Brunswick. In fact, it was one of the most discussed topics during the September election. While improving highways and aging buildings as well as construction of new ones is a need, we must not lose sight of what makes New Brunswick work - our people. The province is built on the backs of its hardworking residents, many of whom are members of the New Brunswick Union (NBU). While...

Domestic violence and the workplace

Jan 7th, 2015

Recently, researchers from the University of Western Ontario, in partnership with the Canadian Labour Congress, conducted the first ever Canadian survey on domestic violence (DV) in the workplace. The study had many notable findings including: it's estimated Canadian employers lose more than $77 million annually due to the direct and indirect impacts of domestic violence; 38 per cent of respondents indicated DV impacted their ability to get to work (being late, missing work or both); 8.5 per cent of DV victims indicated they had...

Make sure employees get the support they need

Dec 22nd, 2014

Throughout the past few years, the provincial government has introduced the concept of Performance Excellence, a process improvement program, into the public service. On the government's website, it's described as: New Brunswick’s public service has undertaken a profound cultural change that has increased efficiency and accountability, improved services to the public, streamlined administration, and seen continuous improvements across the provincial government. This is leading to a more focused workplace, and more efficient and affordable services for New Brunswickers. Performance Excellence uses different methods...

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