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Canadians explain Why Unions Matter

7 / 22 / 2016

To help celebrate the ways in which unions have shaped our lives, the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) has been inviting all Canadians to share, in their own personal way, Why Unions Matter. NUPGE has received poems, stories, pictures, videos, and songs, and they’re looking for more. The entries are reviewed every month and a prize of $1,000 is awarded to their favourites. The New Brunswick Union has decided to share a couple of the winning entries. The first...

Separating fact from fiction in the blood donation debate

7 / 7 / 2016

On June 30th, an exchange took place during Question Period in the New Brunswick Legislature surrounding the province's approval of a private blood clinic opening in Moncton.Green Party leader and Fredericton South MLA David Coon asked Health Minister Victor Boudreau why he would support this type of facility that preys upon the most vulnerable in our society and undermines our public blood system operated by Canadian Blood Services.Minister Boudreau made several statements concerning the topic and at one point even...

Fighting to keep our blood supply safe

6 / 30 / 2016

Kat Lanteigne, the co-founder of, was recently in New Brunswick raising awareness of the dangers of for-profit, paid blood and plasma donations.The provincial government has pledged its support to Canadian Plasma Resources to open a clinic in Moncton which would pay donors $25 for their blood and plasma donations.There are several issues with the government's stance on this topic: 1. It contravenes the Krever Report. In the wake of the tainted blood scandal of the 1980s, which resulted in thousands...

NBU member elected mayor of Dalhousie

6 / 8 / 2016

For the past 18 years, Normand Pelletier had a lingering thought on his mind.After serving the town of Dalhousie as a councillor from 1995-98, he kept an eye on politics knowing one day he would throw his hat back in the ring.In a recent municipal election, Pelletier was elected mayor of Dalhousie defeating incumbent Clem Tremblay in a spirited race. His reason for returning to municipal politics was simple and straight forward."I personally think our municipality needed a new vision...

The National Union's scholarship program for 2016

6 / 1 / 2016

Four awards of $1,500 are given each year to children of NUPGE members.The deadline for applications is July 6, 2016. Each year, the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) offers 4 scholarships that reflect its pursuit of equal opportunity for all workers. They are open to the children, grandchildren or foster children of the National Union’s 360,000 members who are starting a post-secondary education. Some scholarships may have additional requirements, as noted below. Tommy Douglas ScholarshipThe Tommy Douglas Scholarship for...

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